Steamy Nude Naked asian Big Brother 2007

Today we offer you a comprehensive guide to your new best (only?) friends: The original line-up of Big Brother 2007 contestants, stripped naked, nude, steamy and possibly asian before your eyes. And if that sentence didn't make sense, I was just wondering how far my stats would go up if I said steamy nude naked asian Big Brother 2007 in the same sentence. Probably not at all, because I forgot to capitalise 'Asian'. Well, it's an adjective isn't it?

So opens The Svenhunter's Big Brother 2007 blog. The only one you'll need. Not that you need one.

NB - Big Brother is a television programme set in a fictional Britain used for the purposes of making people stupider. I know this, despite not having a television, because the powers that Be carpet bomb London with two equally shit "free" "newspapers" every day so you have to read them on the bus if you left your book in PlayLouder's offices like I did.


Zef, another of my talented brothers, has made a thing he calls A Brief History of Audio Format Developments. It is amazing. A bit of it you can see above, unless you have some kind of problem.

In other news, my when I stop pedalling my bike the chain hangs loose and nearly makes me die, and I got a bit drunk in the daytime today filming a video with Lethal Bizzle and his Fire Camp chums. The video will be online within the week.

Oh, we're filming the video for Babylon's Burning The Ghetto on Saturday in a secret location in London. We will be setting fire to things and having a riot (in the literal sense, not in the gay sense they say at office parties or whatever). If you wanna come and break stuff, get in touch, and attach a photo cos the director (he did Simian Mobile Disco's last flick) wants to perv at them.