Stay Out Of Jail

coaster Good morrow brothers and sisters. Never mind the lack of sunshine (less you got some, word to my peoples in Florida). All you need is motivational music. I kicked off my day with some Journey (Don't Stop! Evah!), then moved onto some Andrew WK (go listen in the Blobblog!), and now I'm listening to B.O.B.'s Who The Fuck Is Bob. ahead of the release of B.O.B. VS Bobby Ray next week.


Then I'm gonna listen to my favourite positive Max B joints. I can't listen to I Don' Wanna Go Back... not with him being in jail. That's too sad. That dude's already done 7 years. That's a long time out of a life. Fuck prison. OH! Did I tell you? Littles got pulled back in and re-sentenced. He's out in July! Fingers crossed no Oz-style fuckery gets in the way of that. I'm gonna write to him this week - if anyone's got a message for him, leave them in the comments, or email me - atd at akirathedon dot com.

In other news, I did a remix for Flow Machines yesterday, which is getting mastered NOW, and will be out in three weeks. Eyes peeled, it's a blinder.

ALSO! We went way over our allocation of Natural History Museum tickets. They gave us some more, but it wasn't close to enough. I'm gonna be emailing you all later confirming the early bird bookings, and advising those of you that got in too late of how you can get tickets directly through the museum.

So. Cheers to everyone that posted and forwarded and Tweeted my BNP DOA joint yesterday. For the record, I do not condone, or approve of the behaviour of the protestors that acted like the people they were protesting yesterday (specially that guy who kicked the car. What did the car do to you?).  I liked Charlton Brooker's idea posted on his Twitter:

"Instead of lobbing eggs, protesters should arrive with 200 v v pretty girls who just point at Griffin and laugh derisively."


Anyway. back to work. BIG THINGS POPPING over here. I am about to fulfil my promise, and the mission I began in earnest in May 2004. And while you're waiting for that to pop off, here's some dope videos made by dope people that have my music in them. YEYAH!

Nicholas Shearon's Paper Animation. To Giro

Novaslogic playing Counter Strike. To Bladed

SiriusHearts' Awesome Monitor. To Click Clack Blam.