Star Trek The Movie Doth Rule!

Hey gang!

Sorry I've not written much of substance these past few days. My new Life Equation focused Google Calendar is a harsh taskmaster. I am working my BALLS off (not that i don't usually, but i might need new balls if this keeps up). Rehearsals for The Dawn On The Don gig are going swimmingly, and shit is sounding awesome and exciting, but damn, we got a lot of work to do to pull this off. It is lucky I have such a great team.

Plus my girl took me out yesterday, as she's gonna be at a life improving seminar on my birthday. It went: Delicious breakfast - Cinema - Coffee and cake - dentist  - cocktail at The Donovan Bar - three course meal in London Bridge - wine in the spring rain. I AM LUCKY MUD!

The dentists', by the way, is easily the most choice NHS dentist I have been to. If you need hooking up with a classy NHS dentist in central London, get at me. I have shiny clean gnashers now. But I do have to have all my wisdom teeth out, and that sucks. Stupid leftover evolutionary waste. Pah! Rah though, it could have been worse. I haven't been to a dentistsince 2005. That was in nw York - Billy Joel's personal dentist, who he takes out on tour with him (fuck a chef!) did me $2000 of work for free, because he loved Oh (What A Glorious Thing), and said it would be one of those songs that outlives us all. I suspect he saw a future tour opportunity. he was a lovely man though, and gave me some fluorescent orange visor glasses too, which I still have, and love.

Anyway. Yeah. Star Trek was fucking ace. I cannot front. It was like I remember movies being in the 80s, when I was tiny, and awed by the Yankee Glamour... Syler makes a perfect Spock, and Jim Kirk is NOT a massive douchebag! The only dodgy thing in it was Simon Pegg's Scottish accent. Mine is way better, but then I did spend 5 months selling gas door to door and faking an Arab Strap delivery in '98, as I'd heard that regional accents are better for such things.

What a weird thing to do that was...

Rah though. Right now I need to get back to work... there is much to be done before Joey2Tits and The Donettes get round here for rehearsal at 4.

And remember! The Svenhunter and I will be be birthday party DJing at The Mucky Pup in Angel from 8 tomorrow night. Facebook  page is here, for those of you that need such things.