Speaking With Dead People

She said, "what's a wasteman?"

I should of said, "a waste of a man." I think I said, "a loser, a tool, you know."

And no, I am not dead at all. Really. I have been occupied, and financial restraints have put a serious dampner on my communicative abilities. That and bad technology. And occupation.

Anyway. I signed a publishing deal with BMG on Thursday and had champagne and a curry, then on Friday I made songs and had a dream. The dream went to Brighton for the weekend, and I went to a nice grown up dinner party and had some dancing in a pub in Shoredicth till 4am with Team Turner and non-goliath Why Lout? section. When we stepped out into the rain and the daylight on Saturday morning some swine had run off with my zoot suit jacket. My mam made that, meanerd. But it is OK. I had it for a year, and it was ace. Yesterday Lana came round with a bodyless hoodie (and some crumble) in the lushest box you ever did see. It is totally summer. Post-goth medieval rudeboy summer. You'll see!

I met Jamie and Sais at the back of the nightbus. "We had to sit by you, you're fucking mental," said Sais. "We thought you were some fucking serial killer or something," said Jamie. I said, "thanks."

"I sell drugs," said Jamie. "I just got out of jail," said Sais. They gave me a spliff, and told me about kissing rosaries in jail, just in cae, and shouted "Ghana, Ghana!" at the boys who got on shouting "England, England!"

It was raining on me and my vest, when I got off the bus, and met a man who wanted a light. "Are you a bassist?" he asked. I said no, I rap and shit. "I work for Channel 4," he said. Have you got a MySpace? I wanna put you on a show. I'm not pissed. I do."

I thought, wow. "Have you got a MySpace". What of "a website?" I have a MySpace. But they are ugly. And very limited. And regressive. And weird. The first thing a person does when they look at a person's MySpace is click on the photos. The comments boards are full of people saying they like people's songs because they got asked by the maker of the song to go on their comments board and say they like their song. Noone ever says, "that song's shit". Or even, "that song's OK". They're all "awesome". I thought it was pretty awesome when I first plugged a mike into the back of a PC and rapped over a Chris de Burgh loop. So one cannot hate. But if one were to go by the comments sections of MySpace, one would be under the impression that we are living in an age of unparalleled creative achievement, when we are in fact living in an age of whiny little bitches. And The Kooks.

A ha! That and Lil Wayne. It's not all bad.

Zef's down, you know. We're switching the vibe up at Don Studios from music to visual. This means a new website and a new animated video. And James Whale. COME ON!