Space Blob

I'm a hypocrite! Whoo! And I bet that you're a hypocrite! Too! Lalalalala.

You know, I actually kind of can't wait to get back now and play you all some of these songs live innit. They rule.

Yo, I just set up a MySpace thingie. I had one a few years ago, but deleted it cos weird girls kept sending me weird messages and even weirder boys kept sending me even weirder ones, but that's OK: I'm used to freaks now and shit is cool, and I figured out how to change the background so it looks fresh. Check it out - There's an MP3 player uploading, but its not there yet.

Man, I get some funny emails. This one, from a lad called Nate, immediately made me think of that South Park episode where Cartman was singing about Jesus spreading his love all over his face. Forsooth:

Are you a christion? I am not asking because i am a jesus freak or anything but my friend was telling me about this contest for christion music, any kind of music goes. Now if we entered something and won you preform in from of a concert of about 5-20 thousand people. I am not sure of the number but it is a good number and also there will prolly be some agents there looking to pick some artists up. Now dont get me wrong, truthfully i dont ever go to church or preach about god because i am acually discused by the way christions just throw around there religion , like bush loves to do. But I was thinking that if you got a agent then you could then go into the real music busniess. I dono but i thought it sounded interesting. Leme know what you think about working togeathr on a song for it or even entering it.

Dude, if I ever decide to "go into the real music business", you can bet I'll call your ass, and we can go exploit Jesus together. It'll be ace.

This one, I found sweet:

Dear Akira The Don

Dude ATD 10 is Uberly Great dude. ATD 10 a great mixtape, i listen to alot even at school XD, Course you been makeing Great Tracks, Your quiet a great person,

Your Fan


P.S.: Cheers!

Cheers Gavin!

And this I found kind of sad. It started:

"hey i was wondering if you could come by america and do a show in a piss poor mid size city in pennslyvania, (4th fasting growing region in U.S , but who gives a shit) i just thought it be cool if you could do a show at the croc rock or something, i'd totally get the word, well i try, any way living in the future is the shit and i mean that in a good why, i would listen to the rest of your stuff but theres a firewall around it because i am at school,(hack it but have not got around to it) anyway i am starting to ramble. please reply, peace out ( not other dumb American... i hope, bush fucks babys...


Then was followed up with:

"Dear akira, thanks alot for the return of mail, glad that there are sitll famous folk who can talk to us common folk...

PS. is england as great as i here, because when i turn 18 my aunt is taking me there, and i have been thinking about about getting the fuck out of the U.S before i get nuked or drafted or get and some sort of bird flew... anyway



I mean, how sad is that? All these young Merkins living in fear of being sent off to murder people for no good reason by goons they know are lying to them?

Dude, I'll wait till I get back to England before I pass judgement. It's been moving swiftly in an ugly direction for a while now, and I'd hate to see you hop from a frying pan into a wok.

So, this dope looking movie appears to be some kind of big budget Hollweird documentary. Queer indeed. And this shit about clowns trying to abduct children is just plain terrifying.

Sweet dreams folks! I love you, no matter what!