So, I've heard three songs off the new Eminem album. They are the single, 'Just Lose It', the "political" one, 'Mosh', and this - 'scalled One Last Time. Has Dre on it. At the end there is talk of the fabled 'Detox' album. Anyway, I really hope the rest of the album is better than what we've heard so far. I like that "Whurgh-ur-urgh" chorus on the former. 'I like the "fuck Bush" on 'Mosh'. Speaking of which, this an amazing interview Andrew Eldritch from The Sisters Of Mercy did a few years ago. Read it read it read it, for answers lie within. So, after muddling through this 'The New Danger', I reach the conclusion - Mos Def = Lenny Kravitz. Trick Daddy, whose 'Thug Matrimony' I am bumping right now, is a genius.

I'm popping out of retirement to interview Sage Francis tommorrow. His forthcoming album is amazing, and I wanna see where his funny old head is at. If anyone has any good questions, email me.

Oh, there' some new live photos in the gigs section, with more going up throughout the afternoon. Safe.