Sorry don't buy me a new pair of shoes or this M&S food or a shiny new iPod.

OK, this song is officially FUCKED. It is far too good. Swear down. If I wasn't me, and I heard this, I'd kill myself. WHAT WOULD BE THE POINT? It's over. Shut up.

Whaddyamean, I been on holiday since Thursday? Real. Spent most of it in bee ee dee. Fucking luxury, baby. Somehow I missed most of the sleep bit. I got madass redeye and a head like the box of cables that langushes terrubly under my desk. Anyone know how how to stop one's mad-long bleach-ed hair turning into knots after two days of such business? I spent just under half an hour with a comb and a can of spray condioner earlier and all it gave me was a fucking headache. My shit is still twisted, yo. Like, OW.

Ah, rah, I can hardly moan though. It's Spring, I am amazing at making noises, and the flesh is weak. Holiday's over and I am busting my ass off to get you this mixtape to you on Monday. No I did not go to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers after party and link Niles Barklays. I am SERIOUS ABOUT THIS SHIT, bubba, don't you ever forget it.

Big up baby bro Zef, been keeping it loved up in Wales. Have some images. Some of what's been going on at Don Studios over the past week.

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The debut of Dego!

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Swine keep it seriously gangsta