Songs About Love

OK, it's half an hout late, but it's here - I present to you, for one day only, a barand new EP called Five And A Half Songs About Love. Click hither to go download it. It is very lovely indeed, and features the following songs:

Love Nothing Ever Changes feat Narstie & Solo Closing Time Play Me Take This Waltz Joe Mangle

I would like to thank Jeres, Mary, Mothboy, Solo and Narstie and James and Zef for their help. And I hope you enjoy it.

By the by, I shall be DJing the Vomit In The Mainstream magazine launch do tonight, at my second favourite pub, The Slaughtered Lamb in Farringdon - that's 34-35 Great Sutton St. I will be playing exclusively love songs, or my definition of that.... I am told they want us all to wear red. I shall be on between 10 and 12, so do come, else I'll be lonely.