Something About A Feather

PD*27279511 Lovely day, non? I have spent it recording vocals, and re-discovering how it was I achieved the vocal technique I spent the last two years developing, prior to my hard drive deaths. Anyway, I failed quite spectacularly, and was forced to come up with a new one.

You clever people who've pre-ordered The Omega Sanction know what it sounds like already, as I've sent today's song to the email address your order came from. I'll be upping it here just as soon as I've drawn something suitably dope to accompany it.

In other news, Marvin has started blogging again!

EDIT: Preorderers are also lucky (?) enough to get rushed mixes. That song you got has been OVERHAULED. Maybe you won't notice. But you probably will. The vocals were a mess and I'd smashed the music too hard. Reup in the am. PAX!