Someone Set Fire To Kate Nash and Jack Penate, It Would Be A Service To Mankind

Merry happy funstackers, I am on TOUR! Yes, if you are one of my, or my fine lady's parent's, or possibly sisters, i shall be visiting you at some point over the next week. In fact, I may have already done just that! At some point over the past few days! For, already, this tour is a thing I am UPON! WITHIN! DOING!

Yes indeed. Christmas is a time to stop making songs all day and go and see the people that gave you pie when you weren't old enough to make/steal your own pie. Hallelujah!

We listened to Radio 1 for, like, 7 hours yesterday, driving to and from Devon. MY GOD! Modern pop musci is pretty fucking dreadful. I have managed to avoid a great deal of it this year, and for that I am thankful. But good God! Have you ever listened to Dick And Dom? Or the new Kate Nash single? Or Jack Penate? The ENEMY?!?!?!?!?! Where do they find these rotten fuckwits? Who writes their material? Bad seventies comedians? Listening to modern pop radio is like going back to the days of Smashie and Nicey, only someone let of some kind of Ultra Bland nuke thingie and the Bland Fallout has ruined everything and made it slightly sinister and gross. In 2000 and 8 I am coming back to SAVE POP MUSIC, and that is my solemn promise to YOU, my favourite people in the world.

Aslo - if anyone was listening to Radio 1 last night, when the great Annie Mac is usually on, (last night it was an amusing dude from Manchester, who put a very brave face on the crap they made him play most of the time) who the hell was that awful fuckwit ruining Fairytale Of New York with his stomach-wrenchingy Ronan Keating-esque foul whine of a voice? And where does he live? I have a cotdang FOOT to stick right up his raggedy ASS!