Some Things That I Believe

Where on Earth to begin?

It's been a goddamn crazy couple of days, that much we can be certain of.

With regards to the much publicised student protests that went down in London yesterday, let me make my feelings on the matter clear:

I believe that the sum of our collective knowledge should be available to every man and woman born unto this planet.

I believe that education is a right, not a privilege.

I believe that we have the resources to provide that education to every man and woman on this planet.

I believe that forcing a human into debt in return for what is theirs by right is wrong, in fact worse than just plain old wrong, but demonstrably evil.

I believe that people have the right to protest this evil without the fear of being beaten, aimed, dragged along the road and trampled by hired thugs who describe their actions as "sport" on television documentaries. Who joins the riot police to stand around in a helmet hoping for peace? I have met these people, I know who they are. The overwhelming majority of them are merely thugs, plain and simple, mind-numbed bullies who get off on the tiny sliver of power they are afforded over their fellow man by their cringing, paper-skinned paymasters. Sausage fingered dullards who enjoy nothing more than charging into an unarmed crowd of children and beating them with sticks.

I believe that smashing the windows of the treasury, daubing the precious statues in parliament square, scribbling on the bust of the dead imperialist and racist Winston Chuchill and smashing up Topshop is a perfectly appropriate response to tyranny.

I believe that the BBC, whose shameful, biased, sneering rolling news coverage I watched, wincingly for too many hours yesterday, are as bad as the swine they protect. They wailed and gnashed their teeth over vandalised telephone boxes, made cheery small talk about the future of the Liberal Democrats, and the "game of politics", and said nothing of substance of the affect this enforced debt will surely have on the next two generations.

I believe that Charles and Camilla should have been dragged out of that car and hung from the nearest telegraph pole like a pair of mouldy old trainers. After which they should have had their allowances removed, and all that stolen property they squat in, all those trophies they have our people dust and buff for them, those trinkets and baubles they horde like Middle Earthian dragons taken from them, sold, and the money put towards our health and education systems.

I believe that once that was done, we should have take all the money we are spending on foul abominations like TRIDENT and THE IRAQ WAR and so on and fucking so on, and put THAT into our education, and health systems.

Next, we should have taken back the money our cretinous representatives in parliament handed over to the criminals that gambled our money down the plug hole in the first place, the "wanking fucking bankers" so well described by this heroic Irishman. We should have taken their mansions, we take their baubles, we take their trinkets. Those are STOLEN PROPERTY.

That is what I believe. That is my solution.

Nicholas Clegg, who resembles a fat python more and more each day, would call me a dreamer. I call him a sweaty-palmed house slave, a frontman and apologist for a criminal conglomerate that would have us all as serfs, with him faring little better. THEY DON'T WANT YOU IN THEIR GANG, Fat Little Nicholas.  They laugh while they fuck your wife and your children in their skulls as you sleep your sweating, desperate four hours of sleep each night. When they are done with you they will throw you on the fire. They will suck on your bones.

We are being pissed on, and we are calling it rain. We are being raped, and calling it tough love.

Living In The Future does not involve bowing to inbred  scum, neither does it involve taking a fetid, scabby, leprous cock in the collective ass and calling it unavoidable turbulence. We are each of us born rich beyond our wildest imaginations. We have all we need within our grasp. Do not let a gang of creeping, grasping suckfish tell you anything otherwise. Fuck these scum, and all who harbour them.