Sold 2 U So Easily

First off, I'm gonna be in Chester tomorrow, rapping with Bravecaptain. Then we're driving to Anglesey, where we'll be playing Adam Walton's Outside Broadcast at the Vic in Menai Bridge on Wednesday. Serious! I grew up there! If I fought you at school, come back and see if you're still hard enough. Tenner says you are.

Yesterday was a hectic, weed tinged madhouse here at Don Studios, Envy, AKA, Enveh, The New Pun, came down from Manchester, Dego The Sample King popped in from Brixton, 14 year old grime wunderkind Morty repped Finsbury Park, and even Taz came over from wherever it was he'd been, and lo we did make an awful lot of ace music. Some of it'll turn up on ATD13, some on Enveh's LP, some on Dego's tape... watch out. We are eating all your pies!

The real world is going nuttier than by the day, and I really ought to be providing a decent sweary commentary. I'm just fucking busy. All I know is we're definitely fucking on Iran now, cos Jack Straw went. But this is no time for idle jabber. I shall try and get my head out of Fruity Loops soon. Right now though, for good or ill, I am ensconced.