We went to see Snoop tonight, because Nonny is organised and bought tickets. He was very proffesional. Also in the building was The Game, and a twice aired demand for Murder Inc, Memphis Bleek, and Sean Price to suck his dick. This week I have been in the studio with the ledgendary Matt Foster, mixing Cut You In The Face and LIving In The Future. We're finishing off Patrick on Tuesday, then on Wednesday and Friday we'll record vocals for some so-new-they're-not-quite-written-yet-bangers with this awesome mike that Dre uses.

So, I was alseep in my cot last night, and all of a sudden I was awokened by the shrill bray of wonderful Spiky Phillip, who was in our house at 5 am and we had breakfast. Last time I saw Spiky I was setting off on my woodland excursion. He is doing the drums for London on Sunday, I am very excited.