Oh baby, I have a cold! How lame!

I haven't been ill in ages.


Ho ho.

So, iTunes have cocked up, and you still can't get CLONES from there. Neither them OD2 people. Lame! So you should buy it from 7 Digital, or in the shops (Virgin is selling the CD for £1.99 and the superior vinyl for 99p) so I can get to number 73 int'charts. Otherwise I'll have to, like, moan.

65,002 people clocked the video on Newgrounds so far! Reviews are either "10 - genius!" or "0 - fuck you assholes!" But on a ratio of 2 good to 1 bad, so I am not as polarising as I'd hoped. Ah well.

Big up Zef for all his work. Big up Ian Capfeild for having us on his radio show last night. It was easy and fun - me and Mary and Bashy went in and did CLONES and AIDS and I chatted some crap or other. Next week is going to be very busy, with three gigs and lots of chats and things. This weekend I am recording my nearly-love song, and my Sway ansaback, so you nice emailers will have one of these (I haven't decided yet) on Monday am. Tonight I am having a wee respite, going for a cherry coke and a cinema showing of The Libertine, hurrah for me.

Oh, I met The Woman Of The Year yesterday! How ill is that! Tragically she is married. Ah vey.

Oh, you should check my boy Daniel doing his thing from 10-12 midnight on Sunday at Safe!