My god! It's almost Thursday! How did it get this far into the week without a proper blog post? Still, I have been keeping the Blob Blog updated and tending my various gardens. I have also done a bunch of artwork, filled in a great many XL spreadhseets and rendered much audio for the iTunes release of my back catalogue, and made a great deal of New Music, some of whihc is on its way to various International Rap Artists, and some of which will be with your ears shortly in the form of a series of releases I am going to announce next week.

Truly it is seventeen full time jobs being The Don!

Still, it is  nothing on the terrible pressures of being an international criminal and former Prime Minster of the UK, I am sure.


Oh, hey, here's a doodle I did of Rick Ross last night.

I am inspired by Rick Ross every day. He's so lovely. Look at how long he's nurtured Gunplay, before finally letting that mental mono-dreaded coke monster take pole position on his big group single? Amazing.

Incidentally, that image up there is of me having uts woken up. every day I wake up with mental hair, then I have a shower and it calms down. I wish it would stay mental really, but it won't. In additon, each morning the back of my hair starts to dread itself. If I left it to its own devices, I would look like a Simpsonian Gunplay, most likely.

I'm at the round table, where your seat at? Where your plate, where your lobster, where your sea bass?

Oh hey, I fucking love this record. Found it today on This Is My Jam. Shout out Temple Grindin, whoever you are, I love your song.

New vlog tomorrow. In the meanwhile, enjoy the last one. PAX!