I have spent a great deal of the past few days in bed, which has not been wholly unpleasant. My battery died a good while ago, which has been fine. I also spent far too many hours attempting what should be a one and a half hour journey from London to Bishopstoke last night, but I'll not go into that now. I am with Zef now, and perhaps we shall begin the next animation. Anyway, that journey was not a complete waste. I read the Saturday Independent in its entirety. And I saw WASP on Friday, like I said, and they were pretty rubbish, although Mr Lawless did have an entirely ridiculous wobbly mike stand in the of a big metal skeleton, that he clambered up on top of at one point, and didn't fall. And the last minute support act, Hurricane Party, were surprisingly excellent. Well, perhaps I should not have been to surprised. Dr Rock picked them as his tips for the top this year on PlayLouder.

So, I hate to think of this again, but we must. A reader writes today with more proof, were it needed, that Republican owned, papertrail-avoiding electronic voting played a jolly role in further undermining Western democracy. Peep:

"compare the graphics of the states with paper ballots compared to the ones with electronic voting: also, compare the percentage of registered democrats in some of the counties compared to the percentages of how the votes came out: i think electronic voting killed democracy this time around..."

Well, yes. Killing democracy. Did it feel any pain?