Since we last spoke, I've writ three songs, seen Goldie Lookin Chain, caned biffs, copped the latest J-Zone, Mos Def and Victor Vaugn, and watched American Splendour and American Psycho. "Good but ultimately unfullfilling," I think Nonny said of the latter, which is true, but I still love that movie. The three songs I writ were all built from the bass up like Lego with numerous plug ins I downloaded and ym tiny midi keyboard. No samples. It was initially weird working without samples this time round, but quickly became the biggest piece of piss ever. Like, ding ding dah dah BVVVVVVVVVM. I filled the notebook I bought on 4th and got a new one. This one's hardback.

So what the fuck is up? I just got in and I have read no papers and seen no websites since Friday.