Slavery Is Still BAD mmkay?

Yo, fellow noisemaker, weakchin and labelmate BECK! How are you, my blondey bredren? Good I hope. But listen - I just thought, you know, as a Scientologist, you've got a long road a ahead of you. There are many tests, and teachings, and stages you have to go through, before you get to the top, and that final answer. Hell, you might not MAKE the top. Then where will you be? Half the answer is no kind of Answer, right? So, I figured I'd help you out, let you skip all the crap - basically, they'll fuck your brain, and dig up every "bad" thing they can find about you for future blackmailing purposes,, (you'll know that bit by now) and reprogramme you, then right at the, end, they'll hit you with this: OT VIII B. Hubbard's final truth. Hubbard thinks he's Satan.

Serious! That's it! Go check it, and be thankful you never wasted all that time, and go back to humping fine celebrity ass like Winona Ryder (no disrespect honey, yours is some Skygoshdarned fine celeb ass. Thassall.)

Now, we've seen this story before.

Crazy how weird cults set up by dudes bent on world domination turn into actual, popular, RELIGION, innit? How what seem at first inspection, basically, some good guides for living a decent life, end up corrupting, debasing, and eventually enslaving a whole bunch of people, whilst simultaneously advancing the goals of power-mad occultist nutbars.


So, they're totally setting Megaman up. Now, they've got in a translator, to make clear some of the Yardier lyrics from the first two So Solid records, to "prove" that Mega's into slaying. Fucking jokes!

Saw Jimmy and Co. up at Interscope today. All agree that the songs are dope. People seem to like Clones, Oh, London, Bankers and AIDS best initially - although not everyone clocked the sarcastic nature of the AIDS chorus initially. Not everyone does. Did I tell you about that guy who was freaking out at me after the Cargo gig? That was one upset dude. He was all, "how could you SAY such things?" I was all, How could I NOT?

Danny and I were up on Mullholand Drive watching Hollywood (well Chatsworth) burn earlier, as another freak-eyed Bush crony was caught with his trotters in the collection plate. It was strangely beautiful. More so was San Fernando Valley, viewed from above. It loooks like some crazy alien city. I will dream of it, certainly.