Sin City is Awesome

Did I mention that? I can't remeber if I did. But it is. It is so awesome. It is the best looking movie I have seen since fucking It's a Wonderful LIfe or something. It is so lush. SO so so so so so so so so so so so so so LUSH. UNLUSH! They're on about privatising al-Zazeera! Piss off! It get's 40 million viewers, you know. That's more than Sky News.


Sky News.

So, has nice pictures of defaced "are you thinking what we're thinking" posters, but none of them are as funny as that Private Eye gag with Michael Howard thinking about fresh blood or whatver it was. Anyway, from my recent research, it seems that most right wing leaders think about little other than prepubecent children. So I hope none of you are thinking what they're thinking. Cos that wuld make you SICK.