So, I have been making songs, and feeling poorly, and watching films, and that has been pretty good. I am going to have to start writing about cheerier things though, all this AIDS and Bankery might be getting to me a bit. Still, better to be skinned and writhing in a tin bath full of vinegar than asleep in a pile of asbestos. Or something.

So here's today's scary - Bush thinks he owns the internet. Or thereabouts. And my readers tell me they've banned my website in a school in Texas. And here's a pretty awesome article one of my peoples sent me regarding what might happen if we start running out of these so-called "fossil fuels" (although I am convinced we have enough fossil fuels left on this big old rock to toast the world to a charky finger seven times over. But that is beside the point.) It had never dawned on me previously how fucked Las Vegas will be when we run out of easy juice.

I only just found out, but RIP Danny Taylor, tightest drummer of the sixties.