Sick in the belly

Sick in belly. Shaky of hand. Head twitches. Heart races. Boom boom boom. "Round round round we go."

I remain a couch burden, currently on Jeff. I wonder how much longer. It is hard to gage. They might kick me out of the country anyway. When I was a little boy I stole. And things.

For the past three days I have been on Jeff's sofa, then.

Things I have seen on Jeff's sofa:

Death Cab For Cutie sucking hard. MC Hammer marrying Corey Feildman and a lady. Sacha Baron Cohen's finest creation, Borat, singing "throw the jew down the well/so my country can be free" to a room full of cheering rednecks.

Hmm. I can't recal anything else. Seinfeld is good. And so is Family Guy. and The Simpsons. But otherwise, shit, shit, shit. TV is deppressing. Right now it is telling America to be AFRAID because those TERRORISTS are going to BLOW THEM UP.

I don't think I will have TV when I have my own place to be in again.


They weren't going to let me into this Interscope building from which I type, for I have no ID. I could have had a bomb in my Johnny The Homicidal Maniac trade paperback. It's true. But, they let me up when Andrew came down and said I wasn't going to kill everybody. And he could have been lying. So there you go.

Deep breaths.

Maria Full Of Grace is brilliant, I urge you all to watch it.

I go now.