Shit Is Still Fucked

From Who Is Ioz: Wait, We're Still in Iraq?

Well, it appears that the shit is still fucked. Shall we review?

Many moons ago, the Brits set up their Iraqi mandate and created a nation with grossly disproportionate power in the hands of a minority group. While it is true that alliegiences and alliances in Iraq have always been subject to suprasectarian considerations like tribe, clan, and region, and ethnicity, it is also true that by and large the Arab Sunni minority has dominated and the Shi'ite majority has been repressed. Then, on three kinds of whim and five kinds of evil intent, the United States broke down the door, invaded the place, and busted up an arrangement that for all its unfairness had maintained that country's territorial integrity for many years, even through a debilitating war in which it lost perhaps a half a million, perhaps a million men. Having busted up that arrangement and found our arrival met with less than the expected enthusiasm, we first set about to rule in a purely procunsular manner, but then settled for something more properly resembling a distant Roman province, deigning to give the People--ah, the People--some control over their own affairs. We whipped up a froth of elections as if Iraq were a New Hampshire of hamlets and diners. Then we realized that everyone was going to get blown to hell, so we clamped a lock on the country, banned vehicular traffic, and held a goofy martial-law plebiscite for a European-style proportional parliament. New Hampshire meets Switzerland meets the Road Warrior.

Surprising to none, the country's large Shi'ite majority won out through superior numbers and took over the government. The Sunni, now even more dispossessed than they'd been under direct American rule, started bombing the hell out of everything, and thus became enemy number one. In particular, they directed their ire at the ruling dogs, as dogs who once ruled and don't anymore are wont to do. This lasted for years. Years. Don't forget. Now, of course, as Iraq devolved into armed chaos with wild gangs of Americans killing who the fuck knows whom or what and Shi'ites, now in charge, suddenly riven by their own internecine divisions, foreign alliances, and what have you, and with various and sundry terrorist groups operating under a constellation of revanchist ideologies with all the rigor of an undergraduate dorm rap, but with more guns, suddenly exploding even more shit all up and down Iraq, the very Sunni organizations who formed the core of the initial insurgency, seeing opportunity--for let it not be said that they lack in opportunism--made overtures to the American occupiers, knowing that America, desperate for signs of progress, would do anything and not think about it first.

Now the Americans are largely incapable of telling a Sunni from a Shi'ite from a Maharashtran Hindu from an Ecuadorian day-laborer toiling away under the heavenly aegis of the Holy Mother and the many candle-bearing saints. Iraqis, meanwhile, appear to be able to tell each other apart, and so, among a thousand other reasons for the parties to the Iraqi "government" not to agree on anything, not the leFast of which is the fact that they are powerless agents of a government with no force monopoly who may as well use their sinecures to save up in case they have to flee for an expatriate's life in London, there is the fact that the Shi'ite majority seems to remember that these were the very fuckers who were trying to bring them down in the first place, and are therefore understandably skeptical about inviting them into the henhouse for a chat.