Sexual Erruption

Now, listen here. I have been a fan, and user, of vocoders for a long time. I don't mind Akon - that new joint of his about rubbing that little girl on stage is awesome. I even like me a bit of T Pain. [II]. I Know What I'm Doing and So Hood are among the greatest hooks of the decade thusfar. But Lil Wayne's recent dabblings with the autotune over-set on The Drought Is Over Part 4, and now, incredibly, Snoop Dogg's, might just have taken it all a bit too far. Forsooth!

Snoop Dogg - Sexual Erruption (PS - look out for the first - vocodered-up - single off ATD15 on Thursday!)

Bonus: My old pals Cazals may have been taking their sweet time, but if this ain't a hook, I dunno what is...


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