Akira The Don – Security Initially sent to preorderers of ATD20/Security T. Appeared on ATD20 Jan 29th 2010.

All praises due to The Independent Content Company, for filming that awesome thing up there! And coming up with the idea. And editing it. And rendering it. And uploading it. The Independent Content Company is pretty much the greatest Independent Content Company I have ever worked with. WOW!

All praises due to the most high for providing us with exactly what we wanted to make the thing. All we had to do was go for a wander around the Olympic Development Site, and we found everything, including a high rez jacket. Truly amazing, cheers multiverse.

You'll notice that's a totally different version to the one in the flash player, that got sent to preorderers, and appeared on ATD20. This was all Joey's idea, and an awesome one it was. For those that have been asking, yes, it is a true story. I used to wonder why so many terrible things kept happening to me. Well, in retrospect, I realise it might have been because I was doing so many terrible things. When I stopped doing terrible things, terrible things stopped happening to me! I have been blessed with wonderful fortune ever since. Let that serve as a warning to you all!

Now, if anyone knows how to karmically attract great riches, do share with us all in the comments.

Comic strip later on. We're finishing off the Sac VS Pip remix right now. IT IS SO CHOICE! From the feedback I've been getting, lots of you are very excited that I am doing a Sav VS Pip remix. Who else would you like me to have a go on, so to speak?

Oh, and a fabulous No Prize goes to whoever can work out what comic I am reading in my lonely booth up there. CLUE: "Illness."

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