Secure Beneath The Watchful Eyes.

OK, first off, I'm playing a gig for Love Music Hate Racism in central London tonight. Click here for details. It will be a never to be repeated, unrehearsed weirdo set, with Wataru and Blonde Jeremy, and I shall play my favourite new song I have done, which is called Thanks For All The AIDS, and is a right anthem for our times, to be sure. So, thank you for the mountain of well wishing email. I shall take some time this weekend to respond innit.

I spent most of yesterday poring over articles ancient and new, and ended up exactly where I started, when Wade woke me with the news. That crappy bombing was another crappy inside job, designed to divert attention from G8 (28 billion! In return for all your roads and water and oil and shit! Cheers!), make Bony Tlair look less of a fucking mass murdering conman and fabricator, and get us all hyped for lifelong state-monitoring. I got nightmares off of that image of the "superfriends", all lined up behind Tony and his message: "Those evil Muslims! They hurt people! Look at us! We save Africa all day, and give our people excellent pop concerts where they can watch junkies hang out on a big stage with old people! Oh why, oh why do they hate us for being so nice?"

I haven't read any "newspapers" today, as there hardly seems a point anymore, other than to monitor the propaganda, but I am expecting Charles Clarke to plant his ID Card flag atop that pile of burnt wet bodies outside Tavistock Square, if not already, like, any minute now. The jug eared abortionfaced FREAK.

Everywhere I look, it is reported as fact that this "European al-Qaida", that supposedly posted that Koran miss-quoting gibberish on some Skygoddamned messageboard, were behind yesterday morning's rubbish bombings. The bullshit is RIFE! First its reported all over the place that the Israeli Embassy in London was notified an hour in advance. Then people go, OI! so the story starts changing. First its electrical surges. Then its bombs. Telly speaks to no eyewitnesses. BBC repeats same lies for hours after its own website has changed its facts. BLAH BLAH BLAH!

And I can say but, whatever. Like most people. We're not actually that fussed over here. The boy cried wolf a whole bunch of times, then the wolf ate some sheep, then boy cried a lot again, then the wolf blew down some fucking pigs' houses, then the boy fucked off up a mountain with a pale of water for no good reason, and came, of all the fucking things, "tumbling down".

We like, "so what?"

The general reaction, from hanging out in my corner shop, seems to be, "what a pain in the arse, why didn't they blow up Blair, that lying disgusting weird shiny lawyer?" Old acquaintances of mine and a girl who once sold me a can of Pepsi cock coke in Walthamstow popped up on the news covered in dust and blood, but they were all in good spirits. "If we were trapped in a tunnel I'd have a reason to moan," she said. "I am just annoyed because I was supposed to be going to see a movie later.

If you're trying to scare us into ID cards you're advised to do better than that. And, no doubt sooner or later, you will. But, you know, we are used to such things here. There was the IRA, then there was MI5 pretending to be the IRA, then there was Adam Ant, and we are really not fussed now.

Or maybe that's the point. Maybe they're trying to fucking bore us all into submission. We're already accepting fucking stormtroopers with giant fucking GUNS that look like big black Supersoakers marching about the place in Sunglasses and shiny helmets looking not smiling. If you go to a festival these days you get cavity searched every five minutes, they have cameras in the toilets, what, we got, what, 4.5 million cameras in central London, is it? WHY DIDN'T THEY SEE ANYTHING? I thought we were "safe underneath the watchful eyes", Ken?

If you recall, we were being readied for this over a year ago. And, you know, they needed to sort out the tubes for the fucking Olympics, right?

Depending on why you talk to, Israel and the US kick of a nuke war with Iran either in August or October. Fox are priming the people. Henry Kissinger says "IT IS A FORGONE CONCLUSION THAT WE WILL INEVITABLY GO TO WAR WITH IRAN!" In capitals! And he'd know.

It also came to my attention yesterday that our banks are charging us £12000 each per life, the Iraqi army are tearing off people's fingernails again (lead by example! HAHAHAHA!), and the US have started locking up journalists for not snitching.

Oh, and here's a good report from May's Big Meeting Of The Bankers.

And here's a good article about that Hutton leak. Remember that? Didn't it strike you as odd at the time? I was amazed The Evening Standard would even have the balls to suggest Kelly was suicided at the time, but they soon shut up.

Galloway is getting to say "told you so" a lot lately, huh?