Mayne, I am a pissed of Donovan and no mistake. it is 5:25 or so here in Stokey. The sun is threatening to come up. Traffic roars along the High Street. Seagulls shriek (which makes no sense, in the middle of the city, but there you go). Louder than that roar, somehow, are the wails of my old mate Greg's 19 year old girlfriend. Louder still, the pathetic responding whinnies of Greg. The banging of the doors. The jangling of Jeres' guitar. The snoring of The Wade. I am awed at the collosity of this din (and Wade's ability to snore through it). It is nuts. I though last night was bad (Last night the Brummies showed up at 4am and made a smelly noisy row in my room). Last night was nothing! I'd feel sorry for myself, but then there's my poor little brother next door, who has to get up to go do some lame ass job in an hour or so, and what did he do to deserve this crap? I would feel sorry for Jeremy, who has a gang of Brummies in his room, but he bought them back here, and he has been an obnoxious drunk asshole all night anyway. Fie on him!

Ho hum. I shall lie here then, and worry about the cancer this laptop's likely creating in my balls. At least Stunners 2 is sounding dope.

Dope ain't the word, actually. This thing is historic! Hurray! Hurray!

I hope you all have a lovely day.