Science and Spod

HEY! WATCH THE CLONES ANIMATION TRAILER AND GET EXCITED LIKE NICE CHRISTY BABANS ON THE EVE OF THE MASS OF THE CHRIST! (That might not work immediately cos of something, but it will in a bit if it doesn't now. Get me?)

I have been a good boy today, all sat down in Netbuddy on Stokey High Street doing interviews and Q&As and editing audio for an advert and writing people back and listening to Matt F's goliath new beat on repeat. Tragically, the volume of email I am getting right now is fucking crazy, so I owe an awful lot of people and awful lot of email. Hopefully I can catch up over the next week. I do love you, really, don't be sad and angry and full of hate.

So, nice one at you all that have been emailing Lauren Laverne. Please continue, and apologise for my initial misspelling of that nice name of hers. Me spaz. It should read:

"Dear amazing and lush Lauren Laverne

Akira The Don asked me to copy paste this message and send it to you so you play CLONES, his amazing single. IF you do this Akira The Don will give me a song. I know this is mercenary, but I love Akira The Don with all my ass, so it seems normal, even though it probably isn't.

Anyway. Please play CLONES, it is dope.


A person.

PS - it was Akira's fault that your name was misspelled in those emails yesterday. He was in the pub when he updated his website. He is sorry now, cos he has a hangover."

So, as said, if you copy paste me on the email -, next week I will send you a song. I can now reveal it will be a version of a Sway song. Ooh, the mystery.

So, fuckin' FRUITY 6 is nearly with us! I am excited. Fuck Logic, losers. Music isn't maths. Get a life!

Ho ho. I joke, peoples. Use whatever works. That is best.

SO. In the news:

They sold me to Gitmo!

The Numerologists Are Getting Twitchy!

They Still Want TO Blow Us Up!

Morrissey's new album is called Ringleader of the Tormentors! They Still Want To Kill Us - or - The Trouble With Jordan

Ruth Kelly Is Full Of Shit.

Snoop Stands Tall For Tookie.


RIP Tarus Jackson.

So, Luke's taking me to see Arab Strap tonight. I fucking love Arab Strap.

And I fucking love Ally.