Say No To 0870!

Are you fed up of getting ripped off by bumholes like British Gas making you ring ridonculously expensive phone lines all the time??????

So are Narstie, me and Littles!

Shit, who ISN'T, apart from rich folks, and who gives a crap what they think anyway?

Poor > Rich.


Anyway. All those 08 whatever numbers your broadband supplier and your electric company and the council or whatever make your ring, they cake up like Kippling off of those things, leaving YOU with a crazy phone bill and not enough money to go to the cinema. Well screw that for a game of Twister!

My Ma just put me onto this excellent website called Say No To 0870 Dot Com. Turns out, all those people giving you 08 whatever numbers, they got regular landlines too. And this website has those numbers! So next time Virgin start throttling your broadband, don't give them 25p a minute to sit on hold for half an hour waiting for them to lie and say there's no problem! Go to Say No To 0870 Dot Com! Stick it to the man!

These pictures, by the way, are from that Karaoke thing lats week, I just got sent them, I think they are beautiful. Look how happy Pix is!

Speaking of Pix, his mixtape is nearly done and its ACE on STILTS.