That dude in the middle teaches Czech people English.

He is also my brother, as is the one on the right. We was in Prague, where that middle one who is called Alexander does the teaching, and, um, the drinking. Prague is very pretty, but full of grotesque puppets and grumpy Czechs and elephantine Saes (English) with shiny bal'eads and football shirts. I hardly saw any actual Czechs. But they do have pretty amazing sculpture, all over the place, like, gods poking out from underneath windowsills and shit. Four ugly brothers. Superman with his head stuck in the ground, seemingly having crashed into the EARTH. And bad modern sculpture in the town centre. A nice big old river with a fake beach next to it. Rotten food. Not that I am a fan of food I suppose.

Still. We had a very nice time, thank you. Probably I liked playing football in the blazing sun with random people from all over the world best, despite complaining that I'd sooner die of woodlice prior.

I am in Hampshire now. Marek and I got the plane back last night, and he went to mine to hang with Wade, but I came here. I had an excellent train journey, and met some lovely dude called Chris who deejays progressive house, and some nice girls who sing Queen songs loudly, and I deejayed off of my laptop and old ladies were dancing about the carriage to Sweet Caroline.

Anyone seen the new Batman? Is it any good?

Also. I hear Bob Geldof turned up at Glastonbury and got a field full of douchebags to chant "make poverty history". Someone should tear that douchebag imperialist's stupid fucking face off and stick up Bono's arse. John Pilger summed it all up perfectly in an article for this week's New Statesman. Cop it.