Salvador Nixon

So last night I DJed in the Dark Room in the Lower East Area of Manhattan from 11 till fucking 6am or something ridiculous, and I didn't go for a piss or smoke or anything the whole time, I just played Bon Jovi and Bruza and Billy Bragg and APhex Twin and shit. I don't DJ often, but it is amazing when I do and so much fun to do. Serious! Recorded Back In The Day with Emile tonight, whaddayou mean another number 1? Oh my God, serious, big like Foreigner or Journey or something. Maybe bigger. Phis Spector blowing Jim Steinman's head off with Dre's shotgun. GET ME!

Nazi Olsen Twin weirdness.

Oh, poor BT not making enough money at all, yeah whatever.

More 12 year old blonde Nazis

Um, more 12 year old blonde Nazis

Love! I fly back to London tomorrow evening. I must pack. Ew! Packing is lame.