Saint's Row Swag Got Me Looking Like A Don

Saints Row The Third, which looks like it's going to be the best game of all time or some shit is out in a fortnight, and in a novel way of getting people hyped, the game's creator's have let loose the character creation engine, so you can get your character ready in advance.

Back up a lil' bit. If you haven't played Saint's Row, it's an open world sandbox game in which one can run amok like a supervillain in the guise of one's choosing. Basically Grand Theft Auto San Andreas taken to the extreme, with a main character of your own creation. Saint's Row 2 was the most fun I'd had playing a video game in years. Saint's Row The Third is looking like it's going to up the crazy levels of the last game to the proverbial 11 - the first level, according to a recently released trailer involves you jumping out of a plane and freefalling for ten minutes whilst shooting the crap out of a load of goons, before safely reaching the ground and punching a bunch of people in the balls. In another trailer you're seen cruising around with a tiger in the passenger seat. In another you're running around some city battering old ladies with a giant purple dildo (four times the size of the one found in the police station in San Andreas).

Anyway. I downloaded that caracter creation engine to my X-box last night and created the avatar you see on the left. Then this afternoon, without having seen mine or knowing anything about it, my wife created the one on the right. Your character can look like anybody and wear pretty much anything, but here we are looking similarly superhero fly. See how well we compliment each other? Amazing.

Anyway, I hope your halloween wekeend has been fun. I spent Friday shooting video with Pixel and Marvin and Tom in Brixton. At the bustop on the way home I was asked by a young lady in a Harley Quinn outfit who I was dressed as. "Akira The Don," I said. "Good costume!" she cooed. Well, it was.

Today we visited the local Picture House and watched Ghostbusters. AMAZING. What a joyous experience! They really don't make them like that anymore. Funny, clever, charming, thrilling, and not a CGI ghoulie in sight. It was also interesting to note the anti-environmental angle, and that most of the characters spent a vast proportion of the movie smoking fags. Ray dropped a lit fag on a hotel carpet and didn't give a single fuck. Damn, the eighties was a whole other universe.