Sac VS Pip Deny Stealing Godzilla Boy, Admit Striking Similarities Shocker!

So, I posted a thing on blob blog this morning about how eerlily similar the artwork for Sac VS Pip's new single and video is to Zombie Hamster's Godzilla Boy. See above.

The internets being a fast place, we had, within hours, a reaction from Zombie Hamster ("I’m a tad miffed at that") and Dr Dan Le Sac ("Shiz, the similarities are pretty undeniable but not deliberate! apologies mr.hamster…").

Dr Le Sac went on to post a Zombie Hamster comic on the Sac Vs Pip website, under the headline "We Be Thieves".

"Check out," writes Le Sac. "There are some very striking similarities with the new letter from god vid! Not deliberate but it is pretty damn close to what we did, although Godzilla Boy came first me thinks!"

True story!

Not being a fan of lawyers and their lairs, I think this should be settled in a more interesting and entertaining (for we, the foul consumers) fashion....

Letter From Godzilla Boy One Shot Comic Book!

GO ON! That would be dope! I wanna draw the variant cover!