RZA On Westwood

I dunno how many of you know this, but I still do a little bit of music writing, to keep the wolves from the door in a not-wholly unpleasant manner. PlayLouder dot com, for instance, pays my bank loan, and in return, I crib "news" stories. Like this one: Wu Round 2 RZA On The Rae Beef

RZA has spoken on Raekwon's recent comments in which he aired out his disgruntlement with RZA's direction on the forthcoming Wu-Tang reunion album, 8 Diagrams.

"Wu Tang belongs to the world the world... It aint just a bunch of tough talk," said RZA. "Raekwon's album would be just some punch you in the face music... and it's like, yo - I punch you in the face... but as you grow into a man you start respecting other men's positions... your music start reflecting that. Knowledge means to know look listen observe and also, what? Respect. What he wanted was a punch you in your face album. But we already did Cuban Links 2 already. We drop that after this, and you can punch whoever you want in the face. You don't hear me do no Bobby Digital rhymes on this album. I ain't talking about how many girls I be bonin' and how big my joint is. On Wu-Tang I come in a more respectful way."

On Rae's financial gripes, RZA added: "I ain't never ever take no money from nobody and I ain't owe nobody no money. I pay my bills."

So thurr son. Watch the whole interview, with the UK's own Westwood, below.