WE ARE PLAYING A GIG TONIGHT! It's at Plan B, in Brixton. Headline are Akira The Don & The Women, which is me, and my band. We shall be joined onstage by N Dubbs, feat. Narstie and Solo, and the singularly awesome Bashy.

Support comes in the form of live sets by Bashy, N Dubbs, Marvin The Martian and Technically Men. The thing will be capped with a DJ set by Keith "Radioactiveman" Tenniswood. BANG! BANG!

Get ye tickets and directions here.

Funny how you all got so hot and bothered about MissoddType, eh? I had more emails about her than I did poor Mendez. Shame on you! Anyway, in answer to your queries, she is an emcee from Londonland, and you can hear her spit righteously on her myspace page, which I can't link proper cos myspace is down as I type, but you'll find her in my friends list. Safe.

Hey! Luke sent me LADIES IN UNIFORM! You'll love that. Peace to all my lesbrarian sisters emailing me weird rudery. Peace to all the younglings in Baltimore who love Bearman. Peace to Missy in Toronto who loves Bashy. Peace to you all! See you tonight! I'll be the one in ORANGE!

Oh, I nearly forgot. Gwil emailed me this:

Murdoch to fuck with Number 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The worst thing imaginable; Sky One to remake the prisoner!


All together now: Urrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...