Today I woke up far too late, panicked, had an accident with my desktop computer, failed to mix a song I was supposed to mix last night, answered 6 pages of MySpace messages, about a hundred emails, failed to eat or drink anything, wished I'd got up at 8 and gone to the gym. Wail, I don't know what to do, boo hoo.

I got lots of invites to things I shall perhaps be unable to attend to day, none weirder, however, than Gwilym's invite to a book launch - "the place will be populated with bankers etc... but I think there's free cocktails and maybe you could have some stimulating chats about the world's economy before getting pissed and getting into a fight with one of them?"

That is exactly the sort of thing I used to relish, oddly. I am not as into confrontation these days. Unless I am drunk. Or right. Hmmm.

Actually, perhaps odder was a letter from an anonymous Swedish girl (she signed the thing "love, a Swedish Girl"), sent weeks ago, only just read, in which I was invited to join the author on a 5 day holiday in Spain. The holiday would have ended yesterday, I hope you found someone to take, and more importantly, had fun, Swedish Girl.

Meanwhile, Uncle Sam is having fun swarming around those Iranian borders.

"There is already one carrier task force there in the Gulf, two are steaming toward it at the last report I have at least - they will all be there in another week or so," said Former CIA analyst and Presidential advisor Ray McGovern in an interview yesterday. "The propaganda has been laid, the aircraft carriers are in place, it doesn't take much to fly the bombers out of British and US bases - cruse missiles are at the ready, Israel is egging us on."