So, thanks to all of you who came down last night and showed love and suffered the shonky sound. It was a good gig, if not incredible, but that is OK. We can be incredible next time. Today, I am in the Netbuddy cafe in Stoke Newington, and have been having my photo taken with the safe proprietors, who are very into this "strange rapping" of mine, especially as where they come from, the main music one hears is still, they tell me, The Scorpions. They tell me I look "bigger" in my photos. "In real life you are, um..." they trail off, making a small box shape with their hands.

Good things, packages, people. Get me?

So. Scorpions! Imagine that! Craziness. Anyway. I have a task for you today. well, two, if you can be arsed. AND YOU KNOW I NEVER ASK ANYTHING OF YOU... so be nice. and don't send me emails calling me a swine. I am fragile right now.

Anyway. In order for the soon to be released CLONES single to be played lots and lots on Radio 1, it would be helpfull if you were to copy paste the text below, and send it to Copy this:

"Dear Zane Lowe

I went to Akira The Don's website and he said in order for him to get loads of PRS cash I should copypaste this message and send it to you. Apparently that way I get to hear CLONES on your radio show too. CLONES is amazing. Serious!

In short:

Akira The Don's forthcoming single, CLONES, is the best song I've ever heard and I want you to play it.

On your show.

On Radio 1.

Peace and Love

A listener.


See, fuck a sneaky street team. OBVIOUS PEOPLE ACTION is the way forward. And if you have a second after doing that, go vote for my scratched up ass for a similar response at X-FM - here.

I thank you!

In other news, this brings me much joy. Big up Nonsense. You rule!