Rockstar Cosigns My Red Dead Redemption Song!

There have been certain distinct watershed moments in my musical career. Like getting played on Radio 1. Getting featured in NME. Playing a sold out show in New York. Having Gruff Rhys sing a chorus I'd written (two, actually). Indeed, as I think on the matter, I see that I have had a thousand of these wonderful experiences. And now comes another.

Rockstar, the greatest games creators in the world, the geniuses behind the generation defining Grand Theft Auto series, have cosigned my song -  Lord I Miss (Red Dead Redemption) from ATD25 -  about possibly their finest achievement, last year's dictionary definition epic, Red Dead Redemption. I don't need to write anything about the game here. That's what the song's for:

Truly, for my musical tribute to their great work to be blessed by Rockstar is an honor and a privilege. But that the community have gotten behind it too... that is a beautiful thing, because it means a song I wrote about something that truly resonated with me, has truly resonated with others who shared that experience, which means I got it right.


Thanks to everyone that's been sharing it around the place.

This time next year I hope to be celebrating another watershed moment: having a song on the new GTA game.


Now, I'm gonna get back to finalizing the Living In The Future compilation. Enjoy this dope lil' video that Youtuber put together. I really wanna make a full video for the song, so hopefully I can work something out. PAX!