That's right ladies and Gs! Yesterday, to celebrate the release of I Am Not A Robot, we held the inaugrual #ROBOTMONDAY #1MINUTEROBOTDRAWING competition on akirathedon.com. We challenged YOU, the people, to draw a robot using MS Paint or Mac equivalent in less than a minute. We were swamped with a whopping 60-odd entries (some of these were disqulaified as they weren't submitted correctly), with a resulting 54 legal entries.

Zef and I then spent 56 minutes on Skype deliberating the merits of each robot. For full transparency, you can listen to that conversation right here, right now. You can persue a Flickr gallery of the entrants while you do so.

Yes, it was a hard decision, but we had to make it. At the end of the day there could be only one ultimate champion. And that champion, decided in the deeply professional and angst ridden 56-minute judging session streaming above, was the piece of wonder you are about to see...

Yes! The winner of the ATD1 T-shirt and the respect of his peers is...





And why does this robot win? For me, it came down to an effortless simplicity that cut through the crowd. The thing is emotive, funny, and would look awesome on a T shirt.

Zef says, "Angstron is criminally insane. He towered over all the other robots and was a clear winner. He is majestic and proud. Angstron has the face only a robot-mother could love. I want a t-shirt with angstron on it, and a poster and a mug."

Congratulations Koltreg! Not only do you win the amazing ATD1 T-Shirt and the respect of your peers, but you also get your drawing animated by Zef. As you can see.


Now, the other entries were too damn good to ignore. We painstakingly chose another 5 runners up, all of whom win a BLOB BADGE (email your address to akirathedonat gmail dot com to claim your prize). The runners up, in no particular order are:

FUNKBOT by Tyler Tackson

AK: This robot is just so cool, it cannot be ignored. The composition of the image is brilliant, as is the suggestion of a greater story; he's blatantly getting, um, serviced off camera.

ZEF: Yeah, composition is key here, looks like a single frame from a very saucey robot flick. Intelligent understanding of colour usage too: Purple for wealth, seduction and regality. This robot is king.

ROBIT by Kays Tea

AK: I love this image. It is mighty. I love Robit's shiny round head, and banana fingers. I picture him towering over a city like a shiny metal Godzilla.

Zef: A perfect example of why MS Paint is the number one industry standard design software. The penmanship and clear understanding of robot anatomy is breathtaking. I want to see this robot realised by Antony Gormley in Trafalgar Square.

HAPPY GOLDFISH ROBOT by Jonathan Gjertsen

AK: This looks nothing like the typical idea of a robot, and everything like a slightly smug, nostalgic mechanoid amphibian remembering a tasty meal it once had.

Zef: Yeah this robot is WAY smug, I actually want to punch him. To capture so much emotion is nothing other than techno wizardry. This is the most I have been torn between adoration and hate since I watched Jack Black in the Holiday.

BEEP by Blackmarket K

AK: I love this robot because it appears to be very excited about its robosapiency, and would look really awesome on a tight fitting mustard coloured T-shirt.

Zef: Beep is half of a wheel of cheese. Beep joined the robo-police force at an early age. Beep has Rich Boys 'dat ass' face. Beep is lovely. Beep.

NICE TEA by Tom Eastland

AK: Tom has stood clear of the crowd by refusing to fall in with the typical humanoid robot design. This robot needs no arms! His sole function is to keep your tea nice and warm, and look happy to be doing it!

Zef: Constructed on the same angular foundations of a caffetiere, Nice tea is good lookin' robot with a welcome treat in his belly. How does he get up if you push him over? You would push him over... Maybe he opens his door.

And finally! The wooden spoon goes to...

@ALEXANDERVELKY by Alexander Velky

AK: Disappointingly pedestrian. And what's with his lack of feet? How does he stand? Is he floating? In which case why the legs?

Zef: Mr Velky clearly spent a good deal of time adding his twitter name instead of inventing an exciting new robot. His insatiable thirst for more twitter followers has ruined his chances of robot stardom.

So there you have it! That was the winner, and the runner ups. But the rest were so great, I had to take over an hour out of my busy schedule to create a video showcasing them all, by way of thanks to you for making such a heroic effort. I am awed by your talent, and it has bought me much joy. I am now humbled to be able to share that joy with the world. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:



*actually not complete as stupid Sony Vegas didn't import a few of them for no good reason and I didn't notice till after and its too late to do it all again now but they ARE all in the Flickr gallery below!