Cheers Baz and Debbie, Martin and Mary, Why Lout?, The Women, and all who helped make Saturday an ace holiday. We rocked that over-boeth tent, and shall show you pictures in a few days I suspect. I got an excellent fake-vest tan too, and we saw GLC, who were ACE, and rolled about in the grass and all sorts.

Swansea is nuts. All the dudes are on steroids, and have exactly the same haircut, a mad gay Shoreditch device they'd have battered you for rocking five years ago. MADNESS IN EXCELSIS! All the girls were wearing pink fluffy yeti boots and fairy wings. And they were all bright orange. People of Swansea! We salute your buff madness!

PAX DONICUS to my peoples in the car crash on the way home, I am over-glad you're OK. Something somewhere loves you, babies.

Right now I am locked in CHarlotte's house in Battersea. I have tried numerous escape attempts, and failed on all counts. Luckily my laptop nicked a wireless, and my spirit is free to roam the digital universe. BOSS!