The feds took Megaupload last night. It was a bit odd as, not having considered Megaupload for a good while, it was yesterday morning I discovered that Swizz Beats to be the company's CEO.

Of course, the most disturbing aspect of the whole fandango is that the Megaupload accused live in new Zealand, have their servers in Hong Kong, were arrested by the FBI, and will be charged for their supposed crimes against American Entertainment in the USA. It's as if the internet was just as game for conquest and occupation by Uncle Sam as the real world.

I can't ponder these things too much today, however, as we are driving to Wales to attend my auntie Pat's funeral. We drove halfway up to the midlands last night, where I was reunited with my Christmas Labradoodle nemesis. See above. I have tamed her with kindness. There's a lesson for the US government in there, if they care to take it.