RIP John Hughes, 1950 - 2009

john-hughes You know what I did today?

I bought three John Hughes movies as a gift for my common law sister-in-law. I never buy DVDs anymore - what's the point, when you can download or rent, then get on with your life? But the thing with John Hughes movies is,  you know you will want to watch them again. They are just the greatest movies. They spoke to us, us who were babies in the eighties. They understood our fears, our hopes, our dreams. They  made us laugh and cry. I have no idea how many times I've watched Ferris Bueller, but it's more than I've watched any other film. I was going to watch it this weekend, actually. A man should not believe in an ism. He should believe in himself. Ferris Bueller helped me to do that, when I was a geeky little nopubesboything with big ass goggles with a fluorescent yellow harness on them. I thought, you know what? I'm gonna have my very own Sloane, and go to New York and look at paintings, and jump over hedges and fool my parents. I can't wait to be a teenager. Ferris was the coolest. He invented the internet.

Indeed. And I just heard the sad news about the passing of one of our finest filmmakers. He's up in Hughesworld right now, with Uncle Buck and Cameron's Car. I shall go downstairs and buy a can of Pepsi, and pour out a little on the pavement. Thank you John Hughes, you gave us so much.