Yes thank you, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line disaster are still the best band in the world. What a festive mood they put me in! So festive I joined Jeres in going to a dead-person-themed Christmas party and didn't get in till 8:30 am, when it was getting light, and thus fully failed to help Blonde Jeremy move house. Blonde Jeremy and his lovely wife have bought a house! People do that! Weird no?

Anyway. A Hot Pink Thing woke me up with a phonecall at about four, which was lush, and before I'd had time to rid myself of my hangover I was off to meet the Boy Luke, who was taking me to see Jarvis at the newly refurbished roundhouse in Camden. Only Jeres and Luke and The Eighties Matchbox B Line disatser and Jarvis could get me to Camden two nights in a row, I swear down. Anyway, it was a mad night stuffed with "coincidence" and othersuch rinkydink. Jarvis was ace. I met interesting people. A pair of them, a boy and a girl, had bonded over one of my first songs, an angry pro-female anti-scumbag jont called One Bullet. He bought her a thong with my little pink blob on it. Weirdly, his mother has built a statue in Moelfre. He had no idea I'd even heard of Anglesey, let alone been to school in it. My mother had no idea that The PPF had done similar either, and had a go at me for not telling her anything. Unlike that Zef, who rings home on an hourly basis to report his bowel movements. Bless him and his socks of cotton.

Boy oh boy, I am obsessing over these Mika songs. I am bowled over. This is such perfect pop music. I came out of sampling retirement to rip off Happy Ending, look out for that on the next mixtape. I might have to write him a letter. I want to get him and me and Andrew WK and Patrick Wolf and Pixel together on a song. I think it would probably be the best song ever. Such goals are important. Why bother otherwise?

Jeres and I just went for a curry at on Church Street. It was a £6 all you can eat buffet, which was scrummy, and they gave us a complimentary sherry AND a complimentary whiskey, so I give them props. can't remember what they're called though. It's the one by the firestation on the corner with a big sign for the Thai place next door on it. If that makes sense. Jeres ate so much food he couldn't go for a drink in the Auld Shillelagh after. I think hell might have frozen over. FORSOOTH!