Righteous Hyperbole

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Damn, the amount of websites around these days that straight copy paste press releases is crazy! Everybody thinks they're the BBC or something. Ho ho. Anyway. Wanna see mine?

Akira The Don "I Am Not Dead (Yeah!)" EP Mini-Movie Party - October 31st 2009

London. Autumn, 2009. The music industry lies in ruins. Dead-eyed zombies lurch and drool where once stood pop stars we loved and admired. The airwaves are dominated by the reanimated howls of soulless rotting husks: dead music for a dead culture.

But one man is ready to change all this. One living, breathing, bona fide pop star has come to say "enough is enough"; Akira The Don is not dead.

To celebrate, we bring you the "I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) EP", his first official release for two years: and it's out this Halloween.

The EP showcases five brand new ATD tracks, including "I Am Not Dead (Yeah!)", taken from Akira's forthcoming album, The Life Equation: co-produced by Stephen Hague (Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Robbie Williams) and featuring Gruff Rhys (SFA, Neon Neon) on backing vocals.

The EP is accompanied by a zombie apocalypse mini-movie music video that has been a year in the making, had no budget, and stars a whole host of friends, enemies, collaborators, extras and passers by.

Yeah. That's me. Shout out my lil' brother TheSvenhunter on the righteous hyperbole. Get at my homegirl Giovanna at Sure Shot PR with all your press enquiries. I'm rendering that video today. Trying to work out how to get those wavey lines out of the thing. Joey and James are round tonight. We're rehearsing this awesome new ish and laying some interludes for the EP. The EP is pretty high concept. Don't worry about it going over your head. Worry about it taking your head off.


Hey, the main figga Gonz got a new website. Check it out here. And don't forget, I will be his special guest at The Pagalle, London, on November 11th. Get your tickets here.

Oh, and 'fore I forget, that up there's the new T-Shirt design. Art by me, logo by Zef. It's a family affair. These are gonna be on FRIDAY, no lie! Big up my Mum for sorting that out. Sadly no tripple XL this time - the quality on those sizes was "promotional". Never mind that ish. We want GOOD QUALITY, cos you deserve it. So we'll keep looking. In the meanwhile, if you're S - XXL, get your now!


ATD, October 2009


Photo by Charlotte Whewell