Hi gang! I hope it hasn't been too traumatic without me. It freaked me the hell out, I can tell you.

Anyway. Our server fell over, so we're migrating to a new one. We'll be here, possibly with interruptions. Normal service back on track as soon as possible, isn't it.

Anyway, the break allowed me time to do a bit more song writing, so the ATD16 concept has switched up a little - alongside a gang of new versions of existing rap songs, freestyles and bootlegs, there'll be a bunch of brand new all OG ATD compositions. I realise it's mean to make you wait for LP2 for some true new shit. Certain parties may be aghast at this decision, but so it is. You lot have been very patient. Its not your fault the music industry is in ruins and  financing a huge, panoramic blockbuster of an album is hard. is it?


ATD16 preorder details in the post below, yo.