Damn, today was on some hectic ish. Birddogg, amazingly, was on the nine o clock train, and I was up in time to help him from the station despite being up all last night battling nutters and reading interviews with the comics icons of my youth. Word up Simon Coleby, you chunky steelo WAS Death's Head II! But disaster! I've been moving my site from a crappy American server run by retards to a British one run by people that know my brother. I know. Anyway, I thought when someone said they were transferring a domain, it meant the whole site. It doesn't mean that at all. That's why, this afternoon, the site appeared to have died.

So I was desperately trying to download the whole fucking thing off of the old server, and stick it up on the new one. And things kept fucking up. At one point I'd lost all the images. Every picture on the site, gone. Then I lost the whole thing. My stomach fell out of my ass. I was so gutted. I did a bit of screaming, I think. Birddogg, of course, remained calm. And I sorted it.

So, yeah, that's OK now. Hopefully a whole bunch of you that coudn't see the site before now can.

So, tomorrow Birddogg and I head to Cardiff, to do the and Huw show. I am excited. Our first Radio 1 Session! And I have never been to Cardiff before. There is a North/South divide in Wales. They "ti" inappropriately. To anyone! That's like calling everybody "darling" in English. It is rude.

Actually, I went through a period of calling everybody "darling". Then wade took it up. Now I call everybody "lad" and "love". Just as rude I suppose. And I always thought I'd do a Peel Session. Ah well

Anyway - to apologise for the site being down for so many hours (6!) today, I'll be posting my new song, provisionally titled 'Living In The Future', tomorrow. It shall stay online for but 24 hours. Look out for it around 10am.

Oh, and Mr stix never wrote back. Shocker.

PS - that is a picture of me and Sophie laughing at Jeres, who is my dear handsome friend in the picture with me a few days ago. He was being drunk and rude, rude and drunk.