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Day 5 of being a man wot does not smoke - it is a good day.

I bought a magazine today, and read it on a bench. I wandered the earth (well, Stratford) like Cain, and made a hard life changing decision.

I made it, and now I stand alone. Well, as alone as person with lots of ace friends can be.

It says much about me that, in order to find peace of mind and clarity, I chose to wander around a filthy East End shopping centre for hours on end. I spent 45 minutes of that just in WH Smiths, pacing up and down the paper isle.

When I was a little boy I lived in the wilderness, and I dreamed of cities.

But you knew that, right?

What you DON'T know, perhaps is that Batman & Robin # 2 came out, and that I read it, and it is ACE.

There's a panel from it up top.

Know what else? Final Crisis, probably the best comic book of last year, Grant Morrison's love song to the multiverse, well, that's being serialised over here in the UK in those big-ass Panini comics collections you can get in Smiths. It looks so much better in real life than it did on my laptop screen.

Also, I bet you didn't know that Robbie Williams heard my second album, The Life Equation last night, and loved it.