REJOICE! Akira The Don Will Be Performing At MORRISONCON!

Ladies and Gs!

It is my great honour to announce that I will be supplying Mercurial Musical Entertainment at the epoch defining MORRISONCON in Las Vegas from September 28th to 30th, 2012.


Grant Morrison! Robert Kirkman! Darick Robertson! Jason Aaron! Jim Lee! Gerard Way! Jonathan Hickman! Frank Quietly! J.H. Williams III, Chris Burnham and now, AKIRA THE DON! What a line up!

Alongside DJing, rapping, and being VERY EXCITED for three days, I will also be chairing a very important and historic panel with the good Dr Morrison. OMFG DOT COM ON A HOVERBOARD BUBBA, SHIT JUST GOT REAL.

"Expect maximum rock 'n' roll, chaos magic, mind-bending esoterica, sharp suits, surprise guests, and once-in-a-lifetime performances, all wrapped up in the glory that is comics, comics, and more comics. " - Grant Morrison

Had you told me back in 2005 when I was recording When We Were Young in New York and reading Grant's The Invisibles and getting into sigil magic that in that most auspicious year, 2012 AD, Grant would be having his own convention in Las Vegas and inviting me to come and play, I'd have probably said, "fucking hell yeah, that is exactly the sort of thing I am expecting to happen in 2012, high fives all round, let us boogie." Had you told me when I was 12, and had just finished reading Arkham Asylum, I would have likely wept.

Well, here we are, 2012 AD, and yes sir, we shall boogie. This, brothers and sisters, is the stuff that dreams are made of. Now go and rob that bank and buy a ticket, I believe there are a couple left.



PS - Roadsigns: