So, FIRST - CLONES is out on Monday, which is very soon, and you can pre-order it digitally here. Now, that counts towards the charts, and I want to get to number 74, so please pre order it and MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE, like Jimmy used to (but don't break my arm in bits). Sorry about the lack of updatage, I have been On Road, servicing the community. I ruined Jeremy and Mika's wedding anniversary on Saturday, for instance, by turning up emotional and bombarding all and sundry with Chris de Burgh and Bruza records until they chucked us out. Twas hung with MAD fun. Did some freestyling and accapella-lobbing over Chris Eches, AKA The Error Plains' button mashing nuttiness. Played Sizzla acapellas. Another vault over the wall to gain entry to my love shack, and I was off to Cardiff in the afternoon of the next day, where Mr Martin Carr and his lovely Mary were excellent hosts, and we played ace records at The Welsh, and witnessed bands of varying degrees of proficiency. Hooked up with the Main Dyn Tystion, saw lovely goblinfaced Baz The Evil Genius, bumped into old bra Owen, who used to piss on peoples' shoes when he was in The Crockets, and had a very deep and enjoyable sleep in a very deep and enjoyable bed.

Today I have been doing interviews and wearing my big red winter clothes. I hope you are all as well as can be expected.