I just got sent a link to a very nice review of our launch party last week, which is over at Culture Deluxe. In reading, I noticed their chart. Not only is Oh! (What A Glorious Thing) their number two, but CLONES has re-entered at number 3! RE-ENTRY IS JUST ABOUT MY FAVOURITE THING! On closer inspection of their top fourty, it seems everything I have released has shot up their merry chart this week. IN YOUR FACE LOST PROPHETS, languishing as you are at number 19. I RUN THE TOP TEN! BWA HA HA!

In other news, I've got an old hard drive back and working. Jeres and I used to make radio shows a long time ago, they were GREAT! I might start randomly repeating them on Donsquad Radio, for reasons of amusement. We used to play live jingles and a lot of Eighties Matchbox. RAH!