Radio looks like this

Lalalalala I am in Cardiff to be doing this Radio 1 thing, lalalala it is wicked lalalala. Yes. So far I have done a photoshoot in a barbers with some safe clarts, an interview, and a soundcheck. Birddogg was late! Amazing.

That soundcheck was weird actually. It is radio, so everything exists in headphones you see. These aren't very loud, because of HEALTH AND SAFETY! Yes yes. So it lends to being quite precise, and concise (I can't spell), even. I will notice if I mess up, and so will you. WHOO!

So. Bethan is lovely. Huw is in Wales. Oh, Eminem just came on. Very slow. Yes yes.

I am blathering now, I'll shut up. Hopefully I don't mess up later.